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Map Your Message to Tell Your Story

A colleague recently mentioned she was creating a message map for her change management client. I’m a big believer in message mapping, but generally find that clients need to be educated about its value. Communications and marketing professionals are used to message mapping, but it’s a tool that can be valuable in many disciplines and

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Dos and Dont’s of Tech Communications

Your company probably undergoes multiple technology changes every year. How do end users of those changes learn about it? And, how much in advance? Communications plays a big role in a change management program for a major technology change. It may be the only activity for minor technology changes. You have very unhappy end users

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Change Management, Chicago, MJ Hudak


Change Management, Chicago, MJ HudakI’ve said this statement many times, but a recent comment made me realize how it hit home. Much of what change management advocates is good practice for managing people on a day-to-day basis.

Change in the workplace is constant, which requires ongoing attention to take care of your workforce through sound management strategies. It requires a holistic view of all changes and understanding how they are interconnected. This is different than a change management portfolio or a program management office that manages a change project.

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