Dos and Dont’s of Tech Communications

IT Communications presentation - graphicYour company probably undergoes multiple technology changes every year. How do end users of those changes learn about it? And, how much in advance?

Communications plays a big role in a change management program for a major technology change. It may be the only activity for minor technology changes. You have very unhappy end users if your tech communication about the change isn’t early and often.

Does this sound familiar? An email is sent one or two days in advance of go-live that is very technically driven with step-by-step instructions. Or maybe a job aid or last-minute large-group training is provided. The result: Frustrated and unhappy end-users.

A technology change doesn’t frequently have end-users jumping for joy when announced. They need to first be aware that it’s coming. Then, they need to understand the benefits to them personally and how it will impact their daily work. With ongoing communications at all levels of the organization and individualized by function, geography and/or department, your end-users can become more accepting of the change and embrace it once it comes. This means starting early—not waiting until go-live.

This slide presentation is an introduction to tech communications in a change management program for technology projects. Properly using communications in a change management program that is integrated in the project plan results in happy end users who adopt and embrace the change.