Mj Hudak, Change Management, Chicago, Change, management, communicationsChange may be something old morphing into something new, such as a reorganization. Or, it may be something entirely new, such as a new technology implementation. A change management program recognizes needs and barriers to change and follows a process to gain commitment.

Simply put, change management is taking care of the people side of an organizational change and prepares them for the impact the change has on them. MJ Hudak Consultants is experienced in change management for technology implementations, such as infrastructure separation, ERP, desktop migrations and enterprise mobility, with a specialty in change communications.

Many proven methodologies in change management provide a structured approach, but there is no cookie cutter miracle. While a structured approach is important, it must be flexible to adapt to each organization’s culture and each project’s uniqueness.



Prep your senior executives, front-line and mid-level managers in their roles in a structured change management program and the importance of how and when they communicate and take action. Ask about our half-day and full-day workshops, customized to your change project.


This list represents some of the activities that may be included in a Change Management Program, depending on size and length of project, goals and objectives and level of impact on users.

  • Assessments and Audits
    • Stakeholder Assessment
    • Change Impact Analysis
    • Communications Audit
    • Change Readiness
    • Training Needs
  • Strategic Planning
    • Change Management Plan
    • Change Agent Network
    • Quarterly Action Plan
    • Integration with Project Plan
  • Executive Sponsorship
    • Sponsor Roadmap
    • Coaching
    • Leadership and Management Guidance
    • Town Halls
    • Presentations
    • Internal Blogs
  • Stakeholder Communications
    • User Project Information Portal
    • General Announcements
    • Technical Emails
    • Change Agent Materials and Coaching
  • Feedback and Measurement
    • Dedicated email response mechanism and monitoring
    • Change Readiness Surveys
    • Change Agent Feedback Mechanism
  • Post-Deployment
    • Monitoring of User Productivity
    • Use of Training Tools
    • Gap Analysis
    • Service Desk Monitoring