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Change may be something old morphing into something new, such as a reorganization. Or, it may be something entirely new. A change management program recognizes needs and barriers to change and follows a process to gain commitment.

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Consistency, integration and segmentation are keys to unified marketing and communications programs. Overcoming internal barriers to bring competing interests together is needed for a holistic strategy.

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A good voice is welcoming and engages the listener. In today’s video world, the audio plays an ever more important role in a non-dialogue role. Commercials aren’t the only need. A good voice is important for such business purposes as training, presentations and translations.

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Message Map template

Map Your Message to Tell Your Story

A colleague recently mentioned she was creating a message map for her change management client. I’m a big believer in message mapping, but generally find that clients need to be educated about its value. Communications and marketing professionals are used to message mapping, but it’s a tool that can be valuable in many disciplines and

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